I bought this game a while ago and never really got the time to get into playing it until this weekend, and thus my feedback is based off the v1.15B version.

Excellent over all for a 2d top down game. It performs smoothly and without any noticeable slowdown even during larger battles.

The music is excellent, but otherwise the sound is rather… lacking? Having some sounds for ship weaponry, engines, etc… would really help spice up the battles. (Yes I know in real space battles would be entirely silent but having sound effects for them just make it more “fun” much like the sound effects we hear in tv shows like Star Trek, BSG, Robotech, etc…)

It basic menu seems well thought out but the “challenges” area feels a little clunky (having an easy accessible way to make a challenge would be a plus) Beyond that I find myself agreeing with most of the feedback already mentioned about the interface.

Other Errata:

Some stuff I think would really improve the games if it could be added in.

-Make multiple profiles so more then one person can play the game. (Always handy to have your own “save” so others can play and not blow your honor points unlocking stuff you personally don’t want/need just yet.)

-The ability to replay the entire battle footage after the fight is finished to see exactly what was going on in another areas you may not have been watching.

-More uncheckable modules for Frigates, namely crew compartments. (The robotics and zero g compartments should able to be put on a smaller vessel with minimal trouble.

  • 1 to 3 “universal” slots on some ship blueprints that people can place both weapons or other modules in. (Adds a bit more variety in strategy/customization)

-The ability to tell the class of an enemy vessel when mousing over/clicking on them. (It’s hard to tell what’s a frigate or cruiser with some of the races)

That’s about all I can think of right now, over all it’s a genuinely fun game that;s perfect when you have 20-30 minutes of spare time and just want to have fun without committing to a complicated drawn out conflict, ala Sins of a Solar Empire or C&C.)

You can put normal modules in weapon slots. This is not intuitive but it works.

It does have sound effects and I noticed that Cliffski tweaked it a bit for 1.16. Zoom in on an area of the fight and you’ll start hearing all the sound effects. I expect the goal is not to sound “muddy” when zoomed all the way out and a million things are happening.

Elsewhere on the forums I read that 1.17 is going to have some improvements to the challenges UI.