Feedback Visual Editor and more

First, let me say that I love the sound effects and the graphical effects (weapons fire, explosions, shield impact,…).

Now some suggestions:

1. Visual Ship Editor

1.1. Element Size, Object Angle and Rotation Speed:
DONE 1.1.a Show me the current value for these properties
DONE 1.1.b Let me edit these values. Example: Rotation Speed: -2 ; Object Angle: 60°
1.1.c When we have more than 1 item selected, I can use arrows to finetune the values. Why can’t I use these arrows when only 1 item is selected?

1.2. Items:
1.2.a Use TAB to select the next item, SHIFT+TAB for the previous item (useful when an item is partially or totally hidden)
1.2.b Use CTRL, SHIFT or ALT keys together with mouse to facilitate editing items. Examples:

  • Restrict movement to VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL when pressing CTRL and moving mouse
    DONE- RESIZING items with SHIFT + mousescroll
    DONE- ROTATING items with ALT + mousescroll
    1.2.c When using arrow keys to move items, use SHIFT to make bigger move, use ALT to make smaller move
    1.2.d Editing the z-value with the keyboard, maybe ‘PgUp’ and ‘PgDown’

1.3. Other:
1.3.a Hull light does not rotate in battle when using Rotation in editor. This may be intentional?

2. Ingame battle

2.1. When paused, I can zoom in and out, but I cannot pan. Is this intentional?

3. Modules

3.1. Some modules miss a clear description and/or do not list all relevant variables
partially DONE 3.1.a Combat Tractor Beam: What is its function? does it do damage? how much?
3.1.b Radioactive Plasma: Does it do damage over time? how much damage? and over how much time?
DONE 3.1.c Radiation Shielding: Whats the purpose? does it protect from radioactive damage? if so, what degree of such damage is blocked? or is it a binary “if you have the module, it stops all radiation” effect? it affects shield effectiveness but gives no shield points, is this intentional? players need to know all of this.


  • updated things that are done
  • added idea 1.2.d.
  • removed these 3 insignificant points:
    1.2.m Replace the low resolution items, they appear blurred
    1.2.n Center for rotation is not always at the center of items
    1.2.o Some items have not the same color as other items, when coloring them with the same color

Thanks, this is awesome, I’m adding display values to the ship design sliders right now as it happens :smiley:

No, YOU are awesome :smiley:

One more thing that could improve the Visual Editor is editing the z-value with the keyboard, maybe ‘PgUp’ and ‘PgDown’.
Because the effect may not be visible instantly, we either need to display the z-value or to give an acustic feedback.

I second your “z-value via keyboard” suggestion.

There are still some of my suggestions I would like to see in the game (see 1st post).

But for now, let me say a big THANK YOU for the things you have done so far. With every update the game get better!