Limitaitions for modders

In my modding for SGB, I’ve discovered some annoying things. in many cases, it’s “a SCROLL BAR would be real nice right about here!” type of thing. Here, Have a list of the ones I’ve encountered. if anyone has more, feel free to add. (Please, don’t take any of this in a complain/whine/ETC. manor, these are mearly observations on things that could be addesed to make GSB even more mod-freandly than it allready is, as well as a guide for n00bs who have no experience modding. thank you.)
-with over 18 turret hardpoints, it is impossable to click on the ‘conferm’ button when givig attack orders to ships.
-ships with five abilitys will obsqure the ‘ok’ button in the ship editor.
-missles will ‘Spawn’ at the actual location of the hardpoint, rather than where it’s turret(s) are.
-there is no way to scaile the hardpoints, thus ships are limited by UI space. adding scrollbars to the hardpoint UI and selectivly scailing the ships can solve this.
-at current there is no editing program spesific to the game for creating ships or turrets. the only editor I’ve seen requires grafics to be in .DDS format, and only works on some of the custom ships I’ve seen.
-there is no compleate list of files, eg beam and bullets, turret skins, running lights, engine glows, particle effects (Such as explotions),ETC.
I’m shure I’ll find a few more as time goes on, and hopfully some of these will be fixed soon. (I’ve heard rumors that Cliffski is working on a dedicated ship editor, if so, I , and no doubt many others, will be very graitfull.)
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