Fighter damage sprite


well I don’t know if anyone pointed this out so far but I can’t find a post mentioning this problem…
The dds containing the damaged fighter models as mentioned in the txt relating to the fighter does not exist (f.e. Alliance Hornet The damage model is saved in the Alliance Hornet

Furthermore I’ve never seen a damaged fighter. So does this feature doesn’t work at all? Ive tried to list under “damagetexture =” the Alliance Hornet but this doesnt work and I created a Alliance Hornet copied it into the folder but it also did not work… well maybe this is a lost feature because damaged fighters are anyhow to small to apply a damage model? Or SHOULD it work and I just overlooked damaged fighters?
(at least my self created fighter didn’t have a damage model although I added one in the _sprite)

thx for replys, Eich

Fighter damage is handled separately using a combined small sprite. there are no missing files :smiley:

Hrm well, I hope I don’t missunderstand but I’m talking about the damaged model, not the hulk. So as I said there is no file named f.e. “Alliance Hornet”
Or are you saying that the damaged sprite is indeed in the file “Alliance Hornet” but I can’t acces this file because it’s hard coded? Well as I can see the damaged model of a fighter is within the Alliance Hornet on the right side. As far as this I would say OK, maybe the line in all fighter.txt like “damagetexture = Alliance Hornet” is just junk. But as I said I’ve never seen a damaged fighter so long, although the fighters I watched were emitting smoke and had several broken modules (like engine). But the damaged model dds was never applied, the fighters looked as good as new without the “burning” areas on them.
Well I will give it another try maybe I just overlooked the damaged because the fighters are somehow small. I will scale them up a bit, lets say 64x64 :wink: and then I will take a closer look… so far, Eich

PS: Weeeeeeeell, ok the damage model did work perfectly. After I scaled them up it was visible… I just couldn’t see it because of they were too tiny when I gave it my first try… So I’m sry for spamming alot :wink:

But nevertheless I have one open question. Is the line “damagetexture = Alliance Hornet” indeed junk or has this one any sense? Because the 64x64 standart model of the fighter on the left side of the Alliance Hornet is not mentioned in the fighter.txt the damage model would be chosen automaticly too or am I wrong?

The small sprite textures do the job of both the standard and damage textures for fighters. They do this so there are less texture changes when drawing them. The big textures are only used for stuff like the blueprint or when looking at ship statistics or design data. The _damaged texture name for fighters is ignored, as I recall. I probably already typed them in before changing to the sprite system.