Fighters attacking

I am finding that fighters in large numbers carry a lot of sway on the out come of battles. I can build 10-15 groups and pretty much run the board. What I was thinking is making the ships with carrier bays have a capacity and that is the number of fighters that can move forward to attack.

The only way your cruisers and frigates will be killed by fighters is if they don’t have shields and armor… fighter weapons don’t have very good penetration.

Also, carrier bays do have a capacity!

Hmmm, fighter weapons, no matter how much penetration they have (except for o of course) CAN penetrate armours thanks to the “lucky shot!” that ignores the armour streght and the weapon penetration.
When you can only wait to several lucky shots as last hope to kill something, the quantity of fighters are the main variable that can make the difference between defeat and lucky win. Also, as you know, then faster the fighter, then higher the suvirvability.

The fighter carrier bays, as i saw, can hold any quantity of DAMAGED fighters, the cargo bay will hold fighters until the repair suplies are depleted, when that happens all the fighters will exit that module and search another, if there is not another, they will fall back and stay as retreated ships.

The parasites Flak Cannon pretty much ended fighter-based tactics.

Well, only if you fight against them, but there are some counter tactics for parasite fleets with flak cannons.

Yeah… but you can’t post a challenge with a significant amount of fighters any more without it getting rolled by parasite fleets.

maybe I’m just bitter.

Just give a supply limit to Flak cannons.
The amount of people posting challenges with ridiculous supply limits means one more challenge with a simple one shouldn’t be a problem to those interested.

She wants money again.