Challenge# 4587340

Since you ask for comments and suggestions, this challenge is a perfect example of what both mrblitz and Yurch were recently discussing in the SAC thread. You have a map with 500 pilots and 40,000 budget. This gives a ratio of 80 budget points/pilot. This puts it not only in the all-fighter zone, but in the cheaper fighter zone. There may be a way to win on this map with 10 cruisers, but they would have to be really really good AA cruiser armor/repair tanks. I posted my retaliation for all as challenge# 4587406. I use one cruiser/carrier, one frigate as a concentrator and 31 squadrons of fighters, mostly cheap laser fighters. 498 laser fighters will roll over almost any 10 cruisers and a mere 16 squadrons of fighters barely slow them down.
If I had to, I could probably improve the efficiency of this fleet by eliminating the frigate and going with a cheaper carrier and spending even more on fighters, but here, this was enough.
On this map, fighter spam will beat just about anything except even better fighter spam.

Really? its easily beaten with cheap anti fighter armoured cruisers.
Hell even armoured frigates with 2 ions and 2 anti fighter missiles perform well against the these.

At least if you don’t kill the frigate.

I look forward to seeing your challenge demonstrating this.

There you go.

It takes a different fighter mix to defeat the AA armor tank cruisers that you posted, but the proper fighter spam still does the job against them.

They are not tanks. They only have 2 armor plates. Old designs for mrblitz maps.


I sent some retaliations. I’ve been busy with my latest SAC candidate.

so far,
the frigate counter:
change the engagement range of the frigates to engage the cruiser to be below its min range and its a matter of time
alternatively, 2 laser squadrons would do the job

the cruiser counter:
replace a useless point defense laser on some ships for a scrambler
put 1 squadron of something that laser fighters cannot kill