Fit door panel bottleneck

I have a big bottleneck in my factory and the ‘fit door panel’ station is causing it.
All 4 tech (lane departure warning system, central locking, car alarm, keyless entry) for that station is universal so I have to put them on. But the problems come from resources. The 2 fit door panel stations in my line are waiting for resources 40-50% of the time, even if i isolate them and give them their own resource importer.

So would like to see more crafting stations where I can build items with tech in them, so the fitting stations would need less resources and stop forming to be a bottleneck.

Do stockpiles located right next to the door panel slots not help?

oh forgot about the stockpiles, that helped, but now I have other bottlenecks and looks like I need to add some more stockpiles.
But I tried to build a really compact factory, so not enough room to add stockpiles… Looks like i need to do a complete re-design of my factory.

Same issue here - there’s no easy way around it. I’ve popped something into the Suggestions forum about having greater stocking at the complex stations like this - otherwise you need to pause every time you finish a car, just to fetch another servo/chip/door.

Jeremy: Predictive stock control helps with this. That way, the production slot consumes the items it needs for the current car right away and starts ordering for the next car while installing in the current car. If you have a stockpile nearby it shouldn’t have any problem delivering in time. However, I agree that stations that install more than 8 parts (such as door panels and windows) should have bigger stockpiles so that they can hold enough stock for two cars at a minimum.

Yeah, Its pretty rough, even when I make all the parts for it I can, it still waits, and waits, full stockpiles, all research unlocked and applied. I’m still trying to figure out the magic formula…

Here is the Save is you want to playMegaLoops.xml (3.78 MB)

I am wondering if there is not something that may be off in High Speed as far as the speed of the overhead conveyors. I’ve been playing with this save game, and been watching a bottleneck start at the brake station develop when i run in high speed. Once I fill up that loop ahead of that station, I slow it down and it clears itself out. Speed it up, if fills again.

After running High Speed

Switched to slow, and it catches up

Save file
Steady flow.xml (6.35 MB)

Definitely think that there is an Issue with the speed and the overhead conveyors. I let this one run at slow speed for a couple of hours, got the Baseline images below. After switching to High Speed for a few minutes, the line started backing up at the doors, and also the efficiency changed as shown in the graph. All I did was change the speed from Low to High.

Low Speed Efficiency

Low Speed Floor Flow

High Speed Efficiency

High Speed Floor Flow

Switched back to Low Speed Efficiency

Switched back to Low Speed Floor Flow

Oh yeah, here is the save game for this one above. Maybe the speed is depending on my PC. Feel free to try this and see if you can get it to do the same. (This game I am trying to get max efficiency from this line.)
production test.xml (4.04 MB)