[Fixed 1.05][Bug 1.02] Factory not importing anything anymore


My factory just stopped importing or transporting anything anywhere after deleting a slot. The problem could be only be solved by clearing all in the savegame xml.
Here’s the save: pastebin.com/ed9zuy2s

By the way, have you considered setting up a bug tracket (Jira, Bugzilla etc.) or are you happy with the organized chaos in this forum?


Oh, and by “fixing” I meant that things are flying through the air now. The factory of the future is already here!


Seems like deleting all tags (instead of the tags completely) fixed it for good now.


Hi, I’ll have to write some code to check for orphaned resource requests and nuke them at some point to avoid this. I’d happily use an organized bug tracker, but my experience is always that about 50% of people post their bugs in forums anyway…so it actually just doubles the places you have to keep an eye on! :smiley: