[Fixed 1.06][Bug 1.03a] Crash if saving game named "?"

Version 1.03a

  1. Launch Production Line.
  2. New Game
  3. SmallFactory > Play Mission
  4. Save
  5. Enter “?” as the filename.
  6. Save

Expected result: Game saves, continues.

Actual result: Dialog box pops up “ERROR: Failed to open save game file …\src\SIM_SaveGame.cpp 100”. Clicking OK causes the game to crash(?), with Windows offering the “ProductionLine.exe has stopped working” dialog box.

I ran into this while trying to reproduce a different bug, and attempted to save with the name “Before crash?”

If “?” (and I’m guessing a bunch of other punctuation) are forbidden because it’s what the filesystem supports, I could live with it, although my preference is to allow arbitrary save filenames, escaping the name in the filename or similar.