[Fixed 1.07][Bug 1.05] graphic glitch after upgrading from 1.04

Hi Cliff,

After upgrade the local stockpile as well as the stockpile it-self does have a graphical glitch.

In this example the fit doors has on many tiles the Wing mirror visual, although there is actual not a single item in the local stockpile.

In the display of the stockpile, some stockpile items are not drawn.

The update was performed by just installing the 1.05 over the 1.04 (maybe not the intended way?)
OS is Windows 10 64 bit with Nvidia 1070

Best Regards,

Gah, I suspect this is a new bug, introduced cleverly in an attempt to remove different…earlier…lesser bugs. Obviously I shall do my best to work out what on earth causes that.
I do suspect that saving and loading the game ‘clears’ that, in the meantime.

Am running into this same issue with a brand new game I started on 1.05.

Thanks BTW Cliff for getting a new version out on a Sunday morning! Don’t you take a day off? :slight_smile:

thx for checking Cliff.

Yes save/loading fixes it. But it glitches out quite quick again. For the production side this is from my point of view a minor thing. But as the stockpile buildings have no context information about there current stock it makes it a bit harder to figure out bottlenecks.

for me it looks like the graphic is just not removed, when the item is removed. Which leads to multiple graphics at the same tile…

BTW: your stockpile priority fix works out great ( at least for mer) :slight_smile: