[Fixed 1.11][Performance 1.10] Game is unplayable when too many objects are added

This map is massive and I am trying to have it be able to output numerous combinations of cars at a rate of roughly 1 per .75 seconds. (Hopefully faster)

Note: In the zip there is the save game as well as a custom map template.

If anyone wants to take a look and see if it is playable for them let me know. I don’t know what to change to make it playable.

My CPU usage is no higher than 5% while playing. And my GPU stays constant just a little higher than when not playing the game.

Anyone have any tips as to why the game basically is frozen when loading it.

Version: 1.10
TheMonster.zip (1.26 MB)

I think we have the same problem… I’m at about 0.82 cars a second


Yea I think we do. My line isn’t event past building the engine and it can’t handle it.