[Fixed 1.14][Bug 1.13] Game keeps running in pause

This might be related to the lag but I notice the game keeps running even when it is paused.

Notice the power, money, and the number of cars in the showroom changing when it is paused

Noticed the same on mine. Not sure if it is related to the performance problems that should be fixed in the upcoming versions. Seems like it stops after a little in my game. Most likely delayed updates to the GUI.

Hi, all fellow production line lovers.
I have been having this bug where even if I pause the game my money fluctuates and decreases.
I think this is a bug I just wanted the developer to know.

Hi baboom222222

its a known issue


As Evilerfungus mentioned the Bug has already been reported…

… Merged Threads together …

Thanks for some help, hopefully, the devs fix the problem in the next update.

Oh dear… I shall investigate :smiley:

ok should be fixed in 1.14.

Thanks !!!