[Fixed 1.15][Bug 1.14] Car Stock with huge number of cars crashes the game

Taking a look into the Car Stock when a huge number of cars (2,680) are waiting to be sold the game will run out of memory and crash.

How to reproduce:

  1. Load the attached savegame
    5_minutes_to_crash.rar (3.02 MB)
  2. open the Car Stock
  3. wait for the crash

The whole procedure from starting the game till terminating the game after crash takes less than a minute. Thanks to Microsoft it’s possible to recognize the taskmanager as a game and capture a video of it. The attached (compressed) video shows what happens in taskman from starting the game to closing the ‘Program does not work’-dialogue.
Task-Manager 27.03.2017 17_32_37.rar (2.36 MB)
debug.txt (33.4 KB)
drawdebug.txt (849 Bytes)
errors.txt (88 Bytes)

I seem to have really properly broken old save games with 1.15 (unavoidable sadly…) but I know what is causing this and I’m pretty sure its fixed in 1.15.