[Fixed 1.16][Bug 1.13] Slot loops; never finishes / Removing Importers Loops Game State

Hey Bear,

I took a look into your savegame. There was no link from the Resource Conveyors that are connected to any other Resource Conveyors that would allow to import the components.
After adding a link everything was fine:

So at all it looks like the same bug as mentioned here.

Hope this helps …

I agree with MaN1aC above…

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Having researched some of production to smaller units I decided to cut the chassis assembly starting unit from the resource conveyor network. Then it didn’t produce any chassis anymore because it was resetting the current task at every update cycle. Only playing in full speed and pausing, the game got confused not to reset the task and went to the next task.

After restarting the game process from the save file the problem still persists. The save file is attached.
reset_task.zip (58.9 KB)

The same behaviour happens with “Fit Undercarriage” and “Fit Axles” units when they are cut from the resource conveyor network.

This has been an ongoing pain…I’ve now tracked it down and am looking for the best solution :smiley:

I fixed this today. Basically what was happening was that a periodic reassessment of whether or not the slot was reachable would butt-in and overwrite the slot thinking it was ‘running’. If the game speed was just right, this would keep happening and the slot could never complete. I fixed it by preventing a slot being set to ‘unreachable’ if it is currently running. The only downside is that this means you wont get that ‘unreachable’ red popup until it runs out of resources, but I think thats still better than this bug.