[Fixed 1.16][Bug 1.14] Hourly interest figure is actually daily

If you look at the loan screen it shows ‘hourly interest’, however this is actually daily interest (otherwise it appears you’re accruing more interest than you’re actually paying off!)

So in this example the interest rate is 0.59% (daily) so the daily interest would be 0.0059 x $258,000 = $1,522 (close enough to the $1,531 it shows). Either the label needs to say ‘daily interest’ or the figure changed. Personally I think showing daily repayment and daily interest would make more sense. On that note could we have a ‘pay off’ button to clear a loan?

It should be hourly, but the figure shown is obviously wrong :smiley: I’ll fix it.
Regarding paying the loans off, I think right now this would make them ‘too easy’, in that I don’t know if people agree with me, but I think that the loan terms feel WAY too long. Maybe they should be half the current length(on average) as they seem to amount to a tiny proportion of expenditure each hour.

I agree that paying them off would make it too easy, but (as you’ve said) the terms are quite long which is why I wanted to do so. Perhaps you could allow players to increase the amount they pay off each month (to a certain point) so the term could be shortened? It would give us a bit more flexibility whilst still keeping the negative impact (ie. interest) of a loan, rather than being able to just pay it off.

This is probably entered your head already but on this note are you looking at what happens when you hit $0? Rather than an instant game fail it would be nice to have some way, such as an overdraft with an interest charge. Personally whenever I get close to this level I tend to just go and hit the loan button anyway which is sort of the same thing.

Yes that hard failure and the simple dialog is pretty much placeholder. At the very least i think you should have the option to take a crisis loan (probably at pretty scary interest rates) to avoid complete disaster :smiley: