Not bankrupt, but offer for loan

I would like to see a little change.
When you run out of money it’s game over, but now with the loan system in game, wouldn’t it be nice to get a pop-up for the available loans instead of instant game over.

agreed, I don’t want the bankrupt system to be so ruthless after spending so much time building things. this will be more important the more difficult the game gets

I’d suggest the ability of going into certain amount of negative numbers before bankrupcty and the loan offer.

How far into negative you could go can be a fixed number or a variable depending on factory value, revenue, etc.

Or maybe once you get into the negative you get a loan offer.
If you are in the red for 1 in game day, you will go bankrupt.

These ideas are all nice, but I also sort of like the “Too bad, so sad, game over” method that is the current state.

Perhaps different game modes that allow any or all of these, or none for that matter? Make it a part of the conditions for the game?

Cliff said he was working on difficulty modes, perhaps the instant bankrupt could be something for the hard difficulty.

its just a matter of writing the GUI code to make a loan offer :smiley: Of course if you already have three loans, and no new ones are available…and you still run out of money… Maybe the government should have to bail you out and fire you :smiley: