[Fixed 1.48][Bug 1.47] Fit Aircon using all available aircon stock

My higher end sedan design has climate control and aircon selected.
When it gets to the Fit Aircon slot, all of the stockpiled aircon units are put in the car (or removed).
This happens ever time a car of this model goes through. My basic model sedan w/o CC and Aircon selected does not have this issue.
The climate control units seem to be added correctly.



Thank you!

Removing and adding the fit aircon slot back worked. I also built a new production line and could not reproduce the issue there either.

Hopefully this was fixed in the last patch BTW.

It’s not fixed in 1.57. Have to destroy and replace the aircon slot to fix. Happened to me again later after I moved my aircon.

[http://www.chaddington.com/productionline/Chaddington%20Auto%2011%208%202018%20[17%2019].xml](save game)

It happened to me again a few minutes after replacing the AirCon slot (which normally fixes the issue, though apparently not permanently).

I disconnected my resource importers/conveyers from everything except the aircon slot, and noticed that it costs me 11 aircon units + 1 climate control in terms of money when the bug is happening… which is killing my profitability because it’s an extra $8580 that gets spent on the additional 10 aircon parts that just disappear.

Also noticed that it doesn’t even use an Aircon Unit after I rebuild the Fit Aircon slot, it only uses just 1 of the climate controls. Seems like the 16th car to go through the Fit Aircon slot then begins taking all 11 AirCon units from the stockpile and no climate control units.

This appears to happen a lot in my early factories after a car goes through the Fit Accessories (combined stage).

I think the intention is if a slot doesn’t use an item from its local inventory for 16+ cars, it “refunds” and kicks those items out of the inventory. But in this case, it reorders the parts, too.

However, with the aircon slot and others (I’ve noticed seat units in the fit seats slot if you upgrade to napa seats, and regular wingmirrors when upgraded to heated/folding wingmirrors), there’s a mismatch between the items ordered, requirements, and items actually used in the car. And when it “refunds” the unused items by making them disappear, it’s not actually refunding money… plus it’s wasting spare importer room.

A workaround is to research the “Import Priorities” tech and set AirCon’s Import settings for the “Aircon Unit” to “Local only”. Even though it’s a listed “requirement”, the cars still go through the slot.