[Fixed 1.48][Bug 1.47] Game crashes if Blueprint block touches edge of screen

So I’ve not managed to screenshot this as it causes the game to crash but I’ve managed to replicate it a couple of times and when I’ve been in blue print mode and I’ve touched the edge of the screen whilst I have a block selected ready to place it the game freezes and then windows eventually decides to close it as it’s become unresponsive.

Edit: Not the edge of the screen, the edge of the active map area. This is similar to what I reported previously with the conveyor if you touched the edge of the map just there’s no error message. http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=19184&p=87884#p87884

This is a known thing that should be fixed in the next update. AFAIK this is already fixed in the ‘beta’ branch of the game on steam, but I’m hoping a few people can try that and give me feedback before I set it live everywhere.

Beta Branch?? I’m more than happy to trial it on there but wasn’t aware it was even a thing.

I’ve checked steam and the Beta option that comes up says Test. Is that the right one?

“Test” is the right one