[Fixed 1.50][Bug 1.49] Erroneous yellow warning sign in Models screen

I don’t even know what to search for to see if this is a dupe.

If you go to the models screen it will tell you if any of your models are missing important options (yellow sign) or critical options (red sign).

If you go through the list of options on that model of car you’ll find at least one that has a yellow sign or a red sign associated with it, and you can add those options until the warning sign goes away.

I had a case where I have this yellow warning, but adding the appropriate options caused the car to jump from budget to mid-range.

By a combination of reducing the mark-up on the car and removing options got the car back into the budget range again.

The yellow warning was still present in the list of models on that screen.

I verified that none of the options in the list had warnings associated with them, so there was nothing I could add to get the warning to go away.

I left the models screen, came back, and noted that the warning had gone away.

Something I did in trying to satisfy the warning conditions caused the program to become confused about whether to display a warning.

I’ve seen this happen more than once and am confident I can provide better steps or explain better if this is not repro or too incoherent.

Hi, thanks for reporting this. To be clear, its the yellow warning at the top by the button that is getting confused, not the ones on the individual options or car models?

  1. Click on car designs.
  2. Left column (list of models) is where these warning signs appear.

If you change the price range of the car while jiggering features the warning signs don’t refresh state.

Did that answer?

AHA! Thats something else…FIXED :smiley: