[Fixed 1.50][Bug 1.49] Import priority can't be changed

I wanted to change the import priority but was not able to change before the material was being used in the slot.

I could not see “car alarm” in the import tab before it was used.

I observed this issue at other slots, too.


Those options should be clickable on. Are they not? they do look a bit too faded out, I admit, I’ll make them highlight on mouseover…

I think what he was trying to show was that when a resource wasn’t required for a specific vehicle it doesn’t come up in the import list so you can’t change the import priority. Only when a vehicle that does require that part comes along can you then change it.

The imports like dynamically changes with the vehicle at the time rather than being a fixed list of all the components that a given slot could ever require.

Is that what you meant @alcapone

I agree with you TontoMcTavish. Its a real pain sometimes.

I am sorry for my bad explanation.

In the first screen it dosn’t show car alarm because it is not needed despit it is on stock. In the second screen I can change the import priorty for car alarm.

I will confirm that being unable to change import priority unless the slot is actually building a car that needs the input leads to pain and general lack of fun. I had considered reporting this also.

I shall try and fix this…

edit: just checking this now, but looks like I have fixed it for the next update. Thanks.

I discovered two slot which still have this issue.

  1. Fit power train
  2. Fit lights (I havn’t installed xenon lights)

Hi, what exactly are you seeing here? You can change LED lights when you havent researched them? I’m confused as to what I’m looking at there.

Hi, this screen was not made in the actual version 1.52 but in 1.51. I can change LED lights but not directional LED light in the 2nd screen and I can’t change electric power train in the 1st screen.