[FIXED] Scenario "Rebulation Business" cant be completed

It asks for 6 products with minimum cure rating of B+. When I got to 6 cures with minimum of B+, it didnt say I won. I was using 4 lv1 and 2 lv2 cures, so I though maybe it wanted 6 cures from different trees. So I did that as well, 6 B+ cures from 6 different trees. But it still didnt count.

Here is the link to the screenshots http://imgur.com/a/mazcW

OK, this should be fixed from v0.40.04. Please let me know if it isn’t.

When can we roughtly expect the update? :o

I really like this game.

The update was live as of when I posted my last message here. The game should prompt you next time you run it.