[Bug] two is the magic number - objective tracker

I started playing thru the game (it’s great so far) and run into small problem.
Mentioning it mostly to have game bug free than anything else.

Got all 11 cures, but the progress bar is stuck on 8/11.

Reloading the save doesn’t seems to fix it.
If you need more information to figure it out, just let me know (send save file?).

PS. Now that I’m looking at screenshot… is it because last 3 cures are only produced 15/month?
Doesn’t make sense by the challenge description though…

Can you try to hover your mouse over the three progress bars in the objectives? That should tell you what cures count towards the goal.
I don’t think you have to run the lines with maximum efficiency to have it count, but maybe the cures have to be all exported at the same tick. If that is the case, delete the last belt in front of the export slot and let the last three lines back up a bit, then replace the belt.

That was silly of me, I never pressed continue on Expert and needed to scroll down to see it.
Playing for other 4 cures with the progress bar locked because of that: