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Hi Cliffski,

I am the leader of a Chinese localization team. I tried to translate Production Line into Chinese, but found that the game didn’t support Unicode - so it couldn’t display Chinese characters.

I’m working on localization of Democracy 4 now, so I’d like to know, could the game display Chinese characters? After I replaced the Chinese character into the English translation file, I found that it can be displayed as a Unicode encoding, but it can’t display Chinese character. Is there any solution?

btw, I may not be able to receive messages from the forum in time. This is my other contact information: Email:, Discord: Kevin Ye#3977

Hope to get your reply!

Hi, the game supports unicode characters, but the files have to all be saved in UTF8 encoding. that should make it all work!

Yeah! I created a “Chinese” folder, and then the game can display Chinese characters!

We have created and analyzed all the texts that need to be localized in our CAT tool (total 65830 English words), and it is estimated that it will take 50 days to complete all the localization work - including translation, glossary and three proofreading. Testing will be a long-term process.

If we finish the localization work with high quality, could you add it to the official Chinese support? Chinese players are looking forward to this!

In addition, I am a PM of a Chinese game publisher, but so far, our localization work has nothing to do with the publisher. If you are interested, you can contact me by email at any time!

Hi, are you just doing this for fun? It would be absolutely amazing to have a Chinese language version. The game has a lot of text and we cant afford to get it done in all languages and obviously we aren’t likely to get a Chinese publisher because…the subject matter might not get past censorship restrictions.
I would definitely like to add a Chinese translation to the game if you manage it.

As a professional game localization team, we are so glad to provide language support for indie game developers! Everyone in our team loves indie games - that’s why we started with! :slight_smile: We hope to help more developers through our efforts, so that amazing games should not be limited by language.

Of course, on the premise of our high-quality completion, if you have some reasonable localization budget, it is also a kind of support for us!

As for the question you mentioned, it is true that political games are difficult to pass the government’s censorship, but we may be able to do some potential work without our name in China.

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I think TBH the name of the game is likely the most controversial thing, it aims to otherwise be politically neutral!

It’s okay! It just really reflects the main content of the game. Democracy can include different systems.

And yes, we agree this aim. :grinning:

Hi Cliffski,

The latest good news! We have finished the translation of all the texts, and the first proofreading is half done. :grinning:

Hi Cliffski,

Exciting news! We have completed the localization of most of the texts in Chinese (except for the English texts updated in the last month), so we hope to invite some players to test it.

Can we upload the localization files through steam workshop? - Because in this way, we can update and fix some text at any time without disturbing you too much! Of course, after the testing, we hope to be able to add our Chinese translation to the official language support!

Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi Cliffski,

How are you?
I think maybe you are too busy recently, so you missed my last message on the forum, but it doesn’t matter!
Please check it when you are not busy! :slight_smile:

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