For South Korea: Education!

Education in South Korea - Wikipedia

With the upcoming addition of South Korea, it’d be nice if a new slider was added for education: Rote Learning (IE Technical Learning / Memorisation) vs. Meaning Learning (IE Critical Thinking / Creative Learning).

In countries in Asia like South Korea, education focuses less on the arts and more on the sciences. I’m not an education expert (someone in the comments may be - please comment if so!) but it’s well-known.

For Democracy 4, a slider fully toward Creativity might, over the very long-term:

  • Decrease technology (due to less emphasis on mathematics)
  • Increase liberalism (due to more emphasis upon questioning established ideas, debate, and thought)
  • Increase risk of most types of protests (due to more free-thinking)
  • Decrease racial tension
  • Increase youth happiness

A slider fully toward Rote Learning might, over the very long-term:

  • Increase technology (more math)
  • Increase capitalist happiness (as more time is spent on ‘practical’ & business-relevant subjects than on the arts)
  • Decrease liberalism
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Interesting. Ginny has done a lot of research on Korea (and not all of it is kdramas…) and the attitude towards education in Korea is amazing, compared to northern Europe. Not all in a good way, there is a definite issue of kids not being happy… and we really have to address this when we add S Korea.
I think initially we may just have to have cultural modifiers for S Korea that boost education, but maybe make youth unhappy, and potentially cause more stress, thus impacting health.

My knowledge of South Korean education is skewed a bit by watching sky castle :smiley:

I agree that there is definitely a policy decision at play here. My only concern would be that its cluttering up the public services area of the UI to include it… not sure.