[forum] PMing

anyone knows how to or if we can PM on this forum?

I’m afraid it’s disabled. The PM system was routinely used by people to PM random forum posters asking for them to copy (pirate) their bought copies of the game.
A few spoiled it for the many, sadly :frowning:

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin:

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

I’m not totally sure how that’s relevant.

then keep reading it until you know :smiley:

personally im not sure what my opinion is on this one… but truth is i did need to PM someone a few times already and i couldnt…

The only way I can see that being potentially relevant is if someone is saying we should rise up against Cliff for taking action to avoid piracy of his game by removing forum PMs.

This being a wholly inappropriate response, yet the only one which would make sense to apply in this scenario, I am thus concluding that Kdansky (hopefully) does not want us to rebel against Britain (or our British developer Cliffski) and has instead simply misused the quote.

If you have an interpretation that may make more sense (I am quite open to the possibility, in light of it being 7 in the morning for me and my note having slept) I would be glad to hear it.

I would like to have pm’ing back. But however I can see the trouble in it as I wanted to contact Gunnyfreak and was only able to do so by making a thread to contact him about the trouble with the challanges.

I’ll turn it back on…

lol i wasnt inciting a rebellion :smiley:
dont worry cliff,if someone asks me to give them your game for free,ill just zip a bunch of viruses and send it to them

Nah, don’t be so obvious.

Send MOSTLY the actual game, but fill all the text files with gibberish and remove the actual syntax, create copies of important files, dick with them randomly with a hex editor to cripple them, and package those with it, and replace the .exe with a mildly padded program that deletes their hard drive. :smiley:

Heh, I prefer my solution to being asked for a pirate copy: Forward it to Cliff and let him ban the guy.

And it’s not like your “send a sabotaged copy” idea would work, anyone really interested in pirating it would have better ways of doing it…

Although why you would want to pirate it, I don’t know; I mean, it’s not like it has Securom or Starforce, or heck, even Steam’s DRM if you don’t want it…

You mean anyone competent about pirating it.

If they’re dumb enough to just ASK someone to hand it to them they’ve earned it.

since GSB is (sadly) on torrents already, anyone asking for it via PM/forum/whatever is a hopeless retard.
i can understand people wanting to pirate games wink,especially to SOME developers but if someone is about as intelligent as a rusty monkey wrench,or even a pound of fine sand, he just deserves to get pwned by something nasty.

I tend to assume that if you’re interested in pirating games, you’re at least competent enough to know asking for pirated copies on the game’s official forums is a bad idea.