Free School lunches the solution to poverty?

The free school lunches policy is out of whack. Its impact on poverty reduction is ridiculous. In one turn, adding free school lunches program (less than a billion dollars) solved my massive homelessness and poverty problems. Its impact is many times greater than state housing, unemployement or a public school system. I think this must surely be the result of a typo in the data files. I found the mulitplier on poverty variable to be .25x, where public schools only came in at .10x and state housing only .18x (not looking directly at them so can’t promise these numbers are 100%, but it was along those lines.)

Anyone else have thoughts on this. Maybe Im unaware of some real life impact school lunch programs have on society.

I agree, it’s too easy to meet your ‘reduce poverty by 20%’ pledge by simply introducing the single policy of free school lunches.

You are right, I’m adjusting it today for an imminent patch.

I’m not so sure, I think free eye tests should have less of an impact. But for a poor person not needing to provide school lunches for their children would reduce the cost of living for them a lot.

Yes true, I think free school meals can actually be pretty good to people who are very poor.