Frigate Tractor Beam Stats Missing?

I was comparing the two cruiser tractor beams with the frigate tractor beam to figure out how powerful they were.

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So looking in game at all three tractor beams
Beam Weight: 16
Beam Power: 4000
Range: 400

Beam Weight: 40
Beam Power: 3700
Range: 410

Frigate Tractor Beam
Beam Weight: Unlisted
Beam Power: Unlisted
Range: 400

Are the frigate tractor beam weight and power stats listed somewhere else?

from the module definition:

beamweight = 12 beampower = 2700

Thanks for the source code info, but I’m curious as to why it was left out of the game.

This is just an oversight by me, and will be fixed in version 1.37

forgive me being stupid, but i do not know how to access the module comparison sheet. help, anyone?

I think he just looked at the text file in \data\modules

look here:



In the ship design screen, select a module then click on of its stats in the Module stats window.

Btw Hybrinoid, I think Cliff knows pretty well what feature is and isn’t in his game.