Game crashes constantly at dillema, can't progress

I am playing the social engineering expansion, greece mod
windows 7, pro 64

The game was running just fine, up to that point. Dilema poping up regarding single adoptions and whatever option i choose the game keeps crashing. Can’t progress through that point.

Is there a fix for that?

I had the same problem but it worked fine after I disabled the policies pack mod. Try to disable the Greece mod maybe?

Same issue, playing USA. If I disable the social engineering mod the game crashes immediately on load.

We had a bug in the social engineering pack concerning 2 dilemmas. this has now been fixed and patched. However, if you had already encountered this bug in a save game, that save game will now sadly not work :frowning:
If you start a game with certain mods or DLC installed, then they have to remain installed for you to play that save game, so toggling things on and off has to be done carefully. This is because some mods and the DLC add new variables to the game that are referenced within the structure of the save game.