Urgent help please.

I played Democracy one and really liked it so naturally when I found out there was a number two I came and bought it as well. However now I feel as though it was a waste of my money because the only way I can enjoy my self is if I play for 5 or 6 hours straight. Let me explain.

It’s probably an error on my part some where, but now for some reasons after saving a game when I go to load it my game crashes to desktop. So I can only pick up where I left off if I don’t close the game. The moment I load save it crashes. The loading process starts and as soon as it hit policies it crashes with no error. This basically makes the game unplayable for me until it gets fixed.

Hi, this definitely doesn’t happen for everyone so it must be something specific to your machine. Can you let us know what version of the game you have (top right of menu screen) and if you have altered any of the files or installed any mods.
Also, can you email your debug files (in the games \debugdata folder) to support@positech.co.uk. These are generated each time, so send it after the game has just crashed.

I am running the 1.23 I just downloaded the game two days ago so should be the newest version. I may have screwed up some how with the couple of mods I put in. I did what the read me’s said. All I really wanted was a few more policies and such. I’ll email the debug file right now.

It’s the mods.
it looks like a slider entry hasn’t been changed right. Basically a modded policy (not sure which one) is being loaded in, and can’t find the slider config correctly.
I suggest undoing the mods and reinstalling, then very carefully check the instructions of the mod.

Hmm I thought it was strange I was getting a few mods the read me said to place the new slider and when unzipped it never gave a slider a few of them did that.