game seizes when trying to load ships

have run game for several years, no big issues until…
last week game will not load ships in design menu, game freezes and I have to kill the program
not sure how to fix it…help please



did you ever use any mods, or dlc that you don’t have now?

no, have used mods extensively over the years, never any real problem, always able to figure it out…now I am stumped!

did you just uninstall any mods that you had made ships for?

G’Day stevejhummel and welcome to the forum.

The first thing we need to do is establish what error GSB is coming up with. A few things you can do is:

  1. Alt + Tab when the game freezes - It is quite possible that there is a dialog box BEHIND the game screen with the error message. By killing the game you also kill the error message. As a suggestion, run the game in windowed mode, that way its easier to try and find that elusive error message.

  2. Review the debug files - Its also possible that the game has pushed an error message to these files however as the game freezes, it might not be able to do it. For reference the debug files are located \Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\debug The latest information is at the end of the file. (A suggestion - if the debug files are too big, move or rename them so the next time you run the game and it freezes, the debug files are easier to read)

  3. Retrace your steps - You mention that the game will not load ships in the design menu. Is it a particular ship, race, etc. This information can help narrow down which particular issue we are dealing with.

At this point in time, if GSB is freezing when your trying to design any ship my first guess is that we are looking at a mod that has added an unrestricted weapon which does not have a turret map.