Game will not start when clicking 'incorporate'

Hi all,

Just bought the game on steam - running on a mac using the new OS, sierra.

Played through the tutorial fine, and then went to start a scenario. Clicked ‘Incorporate’ and then screen flashed the pretty black outline but wouldn’t start because I hadn’t put in a corporate name, I assume? However - I am unable to do so. Clicking next to corporate name doesn’t highlight the text field. Typing at all doesn’t do it. In fact, despite spending a good 5-10 minutes madly trying to enter a corporate name and start a scenario, I couldn’t move past the ‘incorporate’ button. The only thing I’ve been able to do is play the tutorial.

I’m wiling to be a moron here if there’s a simple thing I’m missing - is there?



Hi Andiyar, I’ve seen your post on Steam too. Thank you for the detailed description you provided here. Shall we continue on the Steam forums?

Thanks for the detailed reply there. I’ll continue there. :slight_smile: