My alpha feedback


First thank you for your amazing game :slight_smile: Here is some random feedback i did compile while playing, I don’t know if everything is relevant but it mainly should :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Brain drain makes no sense : It is impossible to avoid it if you implement Luxury Tax. Brain drain is the fact that scientists leave the country to work in another one, so it should depends on science founding and tech investments. If you use “Brain drain” to model Tax Evasion, well, I don’t agree with that, but it still feels strange that rich people will leave the country because they have to buy their 5k watch at 7k. This policy definitely needs a rework as this bug already puzzled me in Democracy 3
  • Maybe we could have situations that appear/disappear if they are relevant like if you get Monorail you have monorail usage (can be train usage in my example)?
  • Transports : Should’nt bike usage appear here?
  • UI: Arrows/lines showing effects of policies are too slow to display, most of the time i just want to have a glance of it and it feels annoying to wait for it to appear, moreover, it sometimes takes up to 5 seconds to fully display after playing for a while
  • Seems to me that wealth “redistribution” after changing taxes or economy in the graph is quite too fast but I may be wrong
  • I got some frustrating demands from donors : even if I was ok to implement it, i couldn’t because I had not enough political capital, so the donor end up abandoning me. Maybe we could have something like “I’ll implement it in the next 3 turns” to avoid that problem?
  • Uncompetitive economy ; Had way more sum of effect down (import tariffs, productivity), compared in raise effects (corporate,payroll tax) and the line was still clearly up the “start the situation” trigger without going down. I don’t know if it’s just a scale of graphs problems in effects or something else. Also on uncompetitive economy i don’t get why you shoud just basically have your corporation tax no more than 15% (and event at that point…) to avoid it
  • By the way, when I noticed the one about the one over uncompetetitive economy i thought it was clearer with a screenshot but you can’t screenshot the game as it takes the background app (which i found quite funny)
  • It doesn’t seem fair to me than water shortage is trigger by only environment. Rich countries with bad environment have no problem of water shortage (as I know). There should be something better but I don’t know what right now.
  • Private/Public housing always worked strangely in Democracy. Investment in public one shouldn’t reduce that much the private one as you could have a big part of privately owned houses when also managing to have a decent public housing for poor people.
  • Manifestos are often irrelevant : too hard objectives that i know i won’t succeed to achieve or completely unrelated to what i’m doing.
  • I found it impossible to get to 50 points to use to implement ID Cards (or even other 50 capital politics) in numerous runs, even with a government liking me. And btw, is there no ID in the UK?
  • At one point I did play with the slider then tried to quit after having it back in it’s original place and the game asked me to “confirm using 0 capital”
  • My GDP line really follows the international market one, even if the stat in “international trade” is at its minimum
  • This is a remark for the finished game but I hope you don’t just plan “big” countries as I found it quite funny to “fix” small dictatorships that are completely messed up like in D3: Africa

Here are my first points, played on 1.03. I’ll probably have more at one point but you’ll probably find something to use in that list. I also tried to not put remarks I already read on other topics.

Thank you

Hi… just read your post. will re-read and make notes later. The donor demands are always possible at the start of the turn, so check them right away, if you use any capital in that turn, you may then be unable to agree to them.

We have added a slider for stuff like the lines-fade-in in the next update!

Very good point on science funding/technology and brain drain. I will make a note of this…

Yup, there are no ID cards in the UK yet. Its actually quite a big political issue :D.

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I still think maybe appeasing a donor to wait for a turn at least could be a good addition. Perhaps doing so will drop their generosity for a bit or something?

It’s also a bit weird as, almost always, donors will suggest policies that you were planning to do eventually anyway. It feels less like an actual demand and more like a “oh btw I see what you’re doing and this is also a thing that exists to go towards that goal!”
Maybe change it so they can also:

  • demand an already existing policy to change (push slider or cancel)
  • demand not simply a policy but actually that policy at a certain range
    with generosity impact if you go a little off and a straight up no-deal (and they’ll leave you) if you go way off.