Geopolitic idea for Democracy 4


I have been playing Democracy 3 for a while now and I really enjoy it. Only few strategy games allow the user to play with detailed political and economical elements.

However, I think the game does not focus enough on foreign policy and geopolitics. When I raise foreign aid, I’d like to see where it goes. If I play with a European country I’d like to be part of the EU discussions. I’d like to compare my country’s GDP with my neighbor’s; see how I have improved on a global scale.

This is why I think the game should have two desktops. One desktop focused solely on domestic policies and the other one on foreign policies. This would add a whole new depth to the game. You could gain allies and loose some, negotiated FTAs and PTAs, possibly annex or invade another country, set up oil drills in the Middle-East…

This would probably imply different satisfaction factors for domestic and foreign policy. In domestic policy you take into account the Liberals, Conservatives, Patriots etc. Their satisfaction would also change if you decide to trade with a dictator or invade a country. However, the satisfaction of other countries towards you would be an element to take into account. Their satisfaction does not directly impact the way voters look at you, but they impact your relations with this country and your economy.

The traditional current allies could be represented. On one side Russia/Iran/Iraq and on the other USA/France/UK/Saudi Arabia/Kuwait/Jordan/Qatar/Turkey. You would have the possibility to switch sides, new countries could appear, historical allies could leave you… For example, a communist elected at the head of a country could replace an ultra-capitalist with whom you were friends; the new president could decide to cut relations with you and consult your rival (somewhat in the likes of Philippines/USA relations).

I hope you consider this perspective.

Thank you for your time,


I joined this forum specifically to endorse this idea :slight_smile:

By increasing foreign aid/trade/shared idealogy/having similar ethnic demographics (you could expand that too)/having similar leadership qualaties (another thing you could expand for voter influences) etc and military spending could raise political capital that you have to use in those specific countries that you could use to exert political influence.

This could create and resolve beneficial and harmful situations that may of themselves be beneficial or harmful to your nation (a harmful situation for one country may be beneficial for yours and visa versa).

Both the UN and espionage could be interesting mechanics to play with in this respect.

All the powerful countries (the OECD for eg) should be playable nations that are represented on the geopolitical screen and the other 174 countries could just be influences on those countries but this leaves room for modders to flesh them out.

The geopolitical screen could be represented by having the UN in the middle, the OECD nations could be represented by larger circles and the other 174 nations could be smaller. This could be sorted/segmented by various things such as different power blocks (NATO/BRICS etc) or by continent.

I could probably think of more but I have to get to work.