Suggestion on Improving Foreign Policy as well as Transport/Economy

In this installment of Democracy, I’ve noticed that most of the categories have been improved and broadened. However, I’ve noticed that Foreign Policy is still a bit lacking. Because of that, I may have a few suggestions.

  1. Introduce a “Arms Export” Policy. This is of course common including in all the countries that are in the game, and can be a large source of income. However, it may affect foreign relations and inner relations with liberals and socialists.
  2. Have an uncancellable “Espionage Policy” button regarding espionage, that may move from mostly just surveillance to foreign intervention. This button would be separate since you can still have a large and sizeable spy agency that does not do much intervention. Having a more interventionist approach may hurt foreign relations but may also increase patriot happiness as well as increased immigration from aforementioned foreign countries.
  3. A “Military Technology Grant” policy that would increase technology and capitalist happiness, but of course would make socialists or liberals unhappy, as well as affecting foreign relations. I realize this one is somewhat similar to “Technology Grants” which is an economic policy, but still, it’s a bit different with different outcomes, which may include net gains other areas such as health (since many medical devices have their origins in military technologies).

Regarding the changes in Transport/Economy:

  1. I think that there could be some importance placed on maintenance and upkeep of sewage systems (which of course affects health, but is costly). While state water company is a possible policy, it’s not one I pay attention to since sewage doesn’t really affect health in the game.
  2. Water desalination plants can be introduced into the game as a possible policy, for fighting water shortages. Obviously they’re costly, and they may or may not harm the environment, but it can be looked into.

Hopefully these points are clear.