Glitch with minister links

I’m experiencing a glitch that occurs when hovering over any of the ministers: the groups they are visually linked to don’t match their actual sympathies. In my testing, every group incorrectly linked was a combination of Capitalist/Socialist and Conservatives/Liberal.

Screenshots (The sympathies listed in the box seem to be the correct ones)

I’m on 1.26; however, I haven’t picked up the game in a while, so it’s possible that this is not the version where the glitch was introduced. I verified the integrity of the game files on Steam to no effect. I’m running the game through Proton on Pop!_OS 20.10, which may have an effect, although the game seems to run otherwise flawlessly.

If there are any files or other useful information I can provide to help solve this, feel free to ask.

Edit: Still experiencing this on 1.27.

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That’s because socialists/capitalists and liberals/conservatives are linked by one variable:
Global socialism and liberalism.

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Actually this does seem weird. may well be a bug. Investigating now… i agree that it should be the sympathy groups!

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FIXED for next update! (and it shows the reverse too now…)