GSB tutorial and introduction video by TGN

Hey guys,

I just released a 2 part YouTube video showing the basics of how to play GSB, including making a simple fleet (beam cruiser, torpedo frigate, laser fighter). The information won’t be of any help to forum regulars, but if you have any friends that you keep bugging to get into the game, maybe this video will finally convince them!


The techniques covered in this video are very basic. For example, I don’t even cover “shield diving” with fighters. I plan on doing more “moderate-level” tutorials, going over the best hull types and race advantages, anti-fighter techniques, and maybe rocket fighter/painter fighter combos. I’ll probably do one video for each ship class.

I mention in the first part that the game has no “story or campaign mode”. Of course, I come to the website right after publishing it and lo and behold, my information is out of date :slight_smile: After the new campaign mode finishes its beta phase, I will buy it and do a video for it.

Thanks for this great game!

TGN Content Producer

Excellent, this is much appreciated