GUI bug: Opening policies from Income/Expenditure screen

So I’ve been playing for a few hours now; right at the start I noticed a GUI bug and decided to see whether I can reproduce it - the answer is “Not consistently, but it does keep reoccuring”

Here’s the issue: When opening policies from the income/expenditure screen - either via clicking on the pie chart or on the colour key - sometimes, seemingly at random, the policy interface opens below the income/expenditure screen instead of above it as intended.

This then renders the income/expenditure screen unresponsive (you can’t close it), and you need to find the little sliver of the policy screen’s “X” button peeking above the income/expenditure screen in order to close that instead.

As I say, it doesn’t happen consistently, most of the time it works as intended. When it does happen, though, it will keep happening with that item for the rest of the round. So, if I go to expenditure, click on pensions, it opens behind expenditure, I close pensions, go back to expenditure and click on pensions again, it will open behind instead of in front again. But the next round it’ll work properly again.

It’s a really weird one - hope this is at least somewhat helpful, I realise a bug that can’t be reproduced consistently is every dev’s nightmare!

I think I have reproduced this bug with consistency.

In the Financial Data view (upper left), when clicking on the first element of the list, a dialog comes (upper right) up and all works nice. However, when clicking on the pie chart, the dialog box comes behind the Financial Data view (lower left).

A second bug is that when clicking on an element of the list after having opened the pie chart first, the dialog that comes up is missing the back arrow (lower right)

A last, but minor bug, is the double colon in the sentence: “Efficiency with which Government money is spent:: 100%”