[half-serious idea] doubling frig health/shield

I say half serious cuz its not very well thought out…

but since i was bored earlier i decided 2 double the frigate health and shield for all hulls of rebel and feds

then pitted their fleets against each other

it ended in a quite satisfying battle

i’d upload 2 youtube or something but idk how 2 record :stuck_out_tongue: if someone is willing to teach me that’d b great

but until then:
heres the theory behind it:
cruisers cost around 3000 average with about 2500 health (shield + hull) and maybe 200-300 armor to boot (for me, idk about how you all build your boats)
frigs cost around 900 average with about 300 health total and no armor if you want it to be fast (0.5+?) and maybe about 400-500 counting armor if you don’t care about speed (untested as all my frigs care about speed)
the dodging factor works towards, but i don’t think quite fully compensates for the shield bounce-shot factor
so health for cost wise frigs are WAY off and therefore are the 1st ones to die in a fight

after doubling the health of frigs they have about 600 health total and will last quite long in battle
in fact, one of the instances of my 2x health frig battles ( with about 2-3 cruisers, 7-9 frigs i think, and about 3 squadrons of fighters with lasers and rockets per side ) a few frigates even survived until the end! :open_mouth:


plz tell me wat u think

thx in advance :slight_smile:


I find swarm/tribe frigate spam to be one of the strongest rush in the game as is. They easily going through any fleet that isn’t loaded with dual rockets/painters or pulse lasers. Frigates do not need a buff.

I don’t know about your frigates, but my Tribe frigate only cost 750, and with this change they will have 976 HP, 0.79 speed, 2 ion cannon, and a shield 1. Down right broken if you ask me.

Hmm… Tribe never occurred to me when thinking of this idea…

Gotta do more tests :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmmm… more tests has been done and I find no way to achieve what u just said…

post a build?


strongest spam? in the same theory missile spam can go thru any fleet not loaded with engines/scramblers and CL spam can go thru any fleet not loaded with fast missiles or whatever you do for anti-rush duties, can they not?

/rant :stuck_out_tongue:

i see your point… ion cannon like weapons rely on the damage they can receive before they get in range for balance

speed of frigs blow that plan to hell :stuck_out_tongue:

Tribe Tranquility Frigate

2xion cannon, 1xcrew 3, 1xpower 2, 1xshield 1, 2xengine 2, 3xengine 1.

“One of the” strongest “rush”. And yes missile spams, plasma spams, and CL spams are also some of the strongest fleets in this game. And the only fleet that doesn’t come with a hard counter would be the plasma counter rush. I come to conclude that fleets with only 1 or 2 weaknesses are good enough, since without the weaknesses they will be unstoppable.


I c I c

I’m making some other changes on my own mod just for the sake of experimentation

Things like decreasing ion damage/tracking or decreasing frig speed

Wonder how that will turn out :stuck_out_tongue:

Gl Hf


My two cents:

I think frigates are ok as-is.

I also think speed should be worth more. There’s a thread somewhere on this that I seem to remember contributing to. Buffing the speed defense would make maneuver more worthwhile. IMHO,


i think u r talking about another of my threads :stuck_out_tongue: