Handgun Laws have no in-game effect on crime?

Exactly what the title says, It seems surprising to me that handgun laws would have exactly no effect, positive or negative, on crime, violent crime, organized crime, etc.
Now, one can debate in which direction this effect would go (deterrent from others having guns vs. effectiveness of a criminal with a gun as opposed to one without), but I don’t think many people at all would say that gun legislation has no effect on crime in either direction, what I think it would tend to do would be more legislation translates to a lot less violent crime but maybe somewhat more crime overall, but again, just my opinion there.

Is this just because the effects of gun legislation on crime are considered unclear or is it an oversight or is it something else?

As it is, handgun legislation:
Makes liberals slightly dislike you (Yes, I know, this sounds a bit weird to me too. I guess being in the U.S. makes me thing of liberals as supporting gun legislation)
Makes patriots dislike you at higher levels.
Makes parents like you at higher levels.
Decreases liberal membership slightly.

No effect on crime, no effect on violent crime or organized crime, no effect on Vigilante mobs, no effect on any law and order-related topic. Just costs money and earns supporters.

Care to theorize about why, or if you know why, explain it too me? Is it just not implemented yet?

In Democracy 3 liberal means classical liberal (in other words libertarian). I really think they should be changed to a social liberal group as there’s a conservative group but no statist group.

Actually, there is an impact on violent crime.