has stopped working

auto save stopped working

Hi, any chance you could send this save game to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk. You will find the savegames at
z\my documents\my games\production line\savegames

thanks for the answer save file
autosave.xml (5.92 MB)

No e-mail address

cliff AT positech dot co dot uk

THANKS :smiley:

I downloaded your save game and it did auto-save on my computer (see lower right corner ). Have you checked your settings?


has stopped working ------------ I checked

stopped working again

You may be onto something here. I was able to Auto save and Save the game but then I had a crash.

YES This is the problem

I looked into my Windows 10 error logs and found this.


interesting --I do not see any errors ----Thanks for help-------I’m waiting for the new update

So I’ve just downloaded and tested it myself and I’m able to save it fine but Auto-Save doesn’t seem to work which is a little weird. On looking in the debug and error file there’s no errors listed… It’s an odd one this for sure.

EDIT - On second glance it looks like the Auto-Save started and stopped when I ended task as the xml save file has data in, just not a full set of data.

UPDATE: I’ve been back in and tested it again and this time it’s worked fine. Not sure what happened the first time, seems like the computer thought the game wasn’t responding when it was doing an Auto-Save. Worked fine second time though.

hi i solved the reason for the error thanks for the help. The game is working normally as the registry file is fixed error when recording is done in a row