Have not received download link after purchase

I paid $26.99 USD on July 30 so that I could download and play Democracy 4 Alpha; however, I have not yet received the link.I have reached out to Humble Bundle and although they said that they are assigning a “ninja” to look into this for me, I have not heard back about a resolution to this issue. I requested the download links for previous purchases but all I received was the one for Democracy 3: Africa.

I expected that a separate email containing the download link would have followed the one that I received from PayPal that confirmed the payment. That said, this second email has not been received. I checked my account’s spam folder and nothing’s there.

Has anyone else experienced issues with receiving a download link shortly after payment and if so, was this resolved?

Check in the “deals” section of your email. My spam filter considered the e-mail advertising

Thank you for your help. This issue has been resolved!