Bought The Alpha - Can't Play

Hi. I bought the Humble Bundle Alpha for Democracy 4.

I don’t see any way to activate it. I don’t have a Humble Bundle account and I’m being weirdly locked out of making one by not getting their activation e-mails (yes, I’ve checked the spam folder). I don’t normally do the whole Alpha thing, this is my first time. How do I activate and start playing the game?



Hi there,
I got an email with the donwload link. I had no need to activate the game.

Yeah, that hasn’t happened either. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be automated?

Have you got the “Your Democracy 4 order is ready” email?

Yikes, only just seen this…been crushed with work. Please email cliff AT positech dot co dot uk, I can look up your order and find your download link manually and send it to you.
Seems like some ISPs are blocking humbles notification emails :frowning: