Hello New, and Have a Question

I located a retail copy of this game, but I want to be assured that if I buy it I can get the patches needed to play it properly.

Would I be able to have all the patches I need sent to me or to download them?

Thank you

just buy it online, then its not a problem.

Thanks for the response, but that is not an answer either way. I like the idea of a disk, and am I to take from your response, that the answer would be no to getting patches?

Cliffski, I realize that this is your livelihood and you want people to buy your games (you say so up front on the site), so maybe I offended you by wanting to buy what you must consider an old copy of the game, and I guess one you have received all you will from it, I am not sure though.

I did not come to your site to tick you off or make it so what it appears is that you are ignoring me for asking what I thought was a legitimate question. Maybe, you just have not had the time to look at the boards and respond, so I am trying to not jump to any conclusions.

I nearly bought the game last night from this site, but I hesitated as I am not sure if I ask what appears to be the wrong question in the future I would not receive the same treatment.

I am not a marketing person, but I do not see the value in making potential customers sense that they are being ignored, because they might like a disk copy of a game that they found at a reasonable price. It seems the act of providing patch files for a game that is clearly older to secure a potential customer would be a good course of action.

I am willing to buy it at the $10.00 here if that will correct something that is perceived to have taken place.

Again, I am not trying to tick you off; I simply want to be honest with you as to how this small exchange has correctly or incorrectly come across from my side. I am trying not to be moved by feelings because they are so often wrong.


Hi, I’m emailing you right now. I’ve just been swamped with my new game being released and haven’t had time to reply here until now.
But yes, you will get the patches no problem.

I just want to say thank you for the response and the mail. That was totally unexpected and I am thankful for your kindness. Your a stand-up type of guy and wanted others here to know that you really responded and treated me very fairly. You just got yourself a Positech customer! :o)