How can you tell what patch / build you have?

I’m reading about “patch 04”, but how do I know what version I’ve downloaded?

it should say - top-right of the main menu screen

Thanks! Patch 04 is the latest? And where does one update? The original download site I got when I pre-ordered?

It should auto-update on startup if there is a new patch out. There’s a tiny blue progress bar at the bottom, then a Windows Installer file does the actual update.

If that doesn’t work then yes, redownloading from the original download link should give you an installer for the latest version.

Note that GSB will only auto-patch itself after you authenticate your copy online. If you goto the “Online” button on the main menu ingame, you’ll see a place to enter the code you got in your original email. Do that (and get a green “Code accepted!” or whatever the message says underneath) and then restart your game to automatically patch.