GSB Not autopatching :s

As the topic says. I see Patch 1.19 has been released, but GSB isn’t auto-patching when I launch it for some reason :s :frowning:

Where can I get the patch from to download as opposed to the entire client? I dont have the impulse version - just the regular one. Btw, a “check for updates” button would be good to solve this issue :s

Not getting 1.19 here either. Will re-download

yeah, me neither. well, i did for 1.15, but that’s it.

The game only checks once a day for a new patch, to prevent it spamming the server. I don’t recall off the top of my head which file it stores that in,but its somewhere under mydocs\mygames\gratuitous…
Or you could toggle your windows date forwards, run the game, then go back :smiley:

nope, still doesn’t work. i changed the date, saved, ran the game, and no changes. i changed it back again, because i didn’t want to get the date wrong. BTW, in order for it to work do you have to log out for it to work? EDIT: No, it works now. Weird. BTW, are the updates based on England Time Zone? If so, that would explain why it didn’t autopatch in the morning.

If I’m not mistaken, the date of the last check is stored in mydoc\mygames\GratuitousSpaceBattles\web\up.