How do I check my game version?


I want to check my game version , can anyone tell me how?


On my screen, at the top right corner of the main menu, I see the version number. Have you checked there?


Thanks , I have the version 1.06 , how do I update?


Depend from where you have buyed: Gog, Steam, Positech.

Gog / Positech: redownload full installer

Steam: connect and wait for auto update.


I bought Democracy 3 from Positech/direct. At times, before going to the main menu, it auto-detected to make sure I was running the latest version. So, to update to the latest version, we should not have to re-download the full installer… right?


Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t know well Positech auto detection. However full installer it’s only 100 MB. For Gog I’m sure that the user should redownload everything.