New version access

I tried to download from the link I got in the email again but it seems to be the same version. This is the Linux version, is it not done yet or how do we access new versions?

The game automatically updates, but it only checks for updates once a day. If you want to force it to check again, go to Documents/My Games/democracy3 (where your save games are kept), and find the file called lst_chk.ini. It contains something that looks like this:

day = 15
month = 9
year = 2013

Just change that so it’s a day in the past, then run the game again and it should automatically patch (at least, it worked for me)

Thanks for the suggestion, never even tried to start it to check if it autoupdates.

Sadly it doesn’t work on Linux, might be that there is no Linux build yet. For Linux users the files are in ~/.local/share/democracy3.

Yup, just windows for now, linux & mac updates soon