How do you create super mods? (several questions) :D


How do yo create super mods, im not just talking about jobs and avatars im on about backgrounds, buttons and that sort of stuff?

How do we (if possible) create our own web pages, buyable items (and obviously sellable items incase we get bored with them)?



buyable items can only (currently) be modded by adding extra data to the existing csv file (assets.csv as I recall), although it’s perfectly easy to add new ones using just notepad. You might want new graphics and sounds for them too though.


Thanks, i’ve just started working on some stuff. A new tv channel and a solo activity. i backed up the files aswell, just to be on the safe side. I hope if it works ill do some more stuff like it and hopefuly put them up onto a website i might create, ER… hehe stands for entertainment rose. but anyways if it works ill upload them onto a freewebs site and post you all the link in the forums.


I’m not sure if the tv channel dialog will nicely accomodate another entry, depends how forward thinking I was when I coded it :smiley:


Can i add anything like holidays you get time off work for easter, I.E. a week off or something? or add events for a certain time of year?
so say in december there will be an event about christmas and so on for the rest of the holidays?
and can we our own resturaunt categories? if so how?


other people have modded new restaurant types, search the forums, I dont think holidays are doable without code though.


hmmm ok, np! Thanks