How to change policy costs/income?

Can you change the costs or the income of an existing policy? If yes, how?

Good evening Gikgik,

in the policies.csv file you can change existing policies by following the ‘example syntax’ at the top of this file:

I have marked the main options, which you can use to determine the costs or/and the income of a policy.

For example in the syntax of the policy ‘AgricultureSubsidies’, you can see these information:

In this syntax we can see, that the min-cost is 120, max-cost is 2800. By raising up this policy to an higher amount ingame, the cost-value will be between these two values.

The ‘0,0’ indicates in the syntax, that this policy don’t generate any income.

I hope, I could help you. :wink:

I don’t want to alter the original game files. Can it be done from a mod folder?

Hi Gikgik,

you can create a folder in the main directory of the game, which can be used like a mod folder.

For your idea you have to create the subfolder ‘data’ in your mod folder and a subfolder ‘simulation’ in your new ‘data’-folder.

Change the values of the policies.csv and copy it into your simulation-folder in your mod folder.

To activate and include the mod for the game, you can check the official modding guide: