Can't modify income multiplier

Hi! I just started working on a mod, and I’ve made a few new policies. One of the situations I’ve added is supposed to reduce the incomemultiplier from income tax, but I don’t understand how I’m supposed to do it. First I tried to just copy the incometax line from the policies.csv in the original game folder, then paste them into the policies.csv in my mod folder and then change the numbers there, but that doesn’t work. I’m pretty sure what happens is I get 2 policies both named income tax. I assume I have to tell the game to overwrite the original income tax and replace it with the modded one, but how do I do that?? Normally I’d just add a text document in the override folder, but that doesn’t work either, and I suppose that’s because what I want to change is the incomemultiplier, and not any of the effects.

Any ideas??

Oh, and… I’ve tried to just change the actual game file, and that works perfectly fine so there’s nothing wrong with the scripting. But if I’m ever going to publish this mod I’ll need to have it all in the mod folder and overwrite the original files.

Seriously, is there no way to change the original files? With override .ini files you can change the input and outputs, but is there no way to tweak income, cost, description, etc?

Hi, very annoyingly in this case, I’m afraid we don’t have a supported way to change existing data other than effects, without altering the core policies file :frowning: This is a bit of an oversight on my part I’m afraid :frowning: I shall stick that on a list of future fixes…

Would it be possible to just let us overwrite entire policies/simulations/situations?

TargetName = “DELETE”
HostName = “[name of policy]”
Equation = " "
Inertia =

That would remove the policy from the game, and then you just copypaste the policy into your own .csv file and tweak whatever numbers you’d like. That would be amazing! :slight_smile: